Fitness has become so much more than just going to the gym a few times a week to lift some weights or stepping on the treadmill. Nowadays, staying in shape has become a holistic lifestyle that’s given rise to exciting new types of workouts, specialty gyms and exercises specifically focused on boosting longevity. Here are the hot fitness trends you don’t want to miss out on this summer!

1. New Types of Workouts

Exercise has gone from being an isolated activity to being seamlessly integrated into the average day. As a result, there are now many new types of workouts tailored to the particular lifestyle an individual has. For example, virtual reality workouts simulate activities like mountain climbing for individuals who love exercising in the great outdoors, while primal movement workouts help individuals stay fit the same way our ancestors did.

Even the trend of working remotely has created a new approach to fitness; individuals can do several “mini workouts” throughout the day while working from home. Reverse running is another workout many are using to challenge themselves in a new way while spending some time outside.

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2. Specialty Gyms

Specific new exercises have naturally given rise to specialty gyms dedicated to particular areas of fitness. These include gyms geared toward boxing, rock climbing, jumping on trampolines, indoor parkour, gymnastics and even surfing. Outdoor fitness areas and dance studios provide even more options as well. You can be sure that for whatever activity you choose that has you breaking a sweat, you can find a facility where you can enjoy doing it!

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3. Exercises for Longevity

Finally, fitness is no longer a one-size-fits-all approach (since not everyone is interested in growing massive muscles or getting in shape to run a marathon). Many individuals are just looking for low-impact exercises that can help improve their overall longevity outside the gym. This has led to a greater interest in mobility and pain-relief exercise routines with light weights and activities like yoga and Pilates that combine flexibility with breathwork.

Whether you’re working out to get in shape for a particular sport or activity, looking for fun gyms to challenge your body in new ways, or trying to boost your overall longevity, you’ll find a fitness trend for it! This is because the approach to getting in shape has become more holistic, with each individual charting their own course on their fitness journey. However, there is one important goal anyone should strive for as they work out: to have fun. The more you enjoy an activity or exercise routine, the more likely you are to repeat it and experience consistent results!